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5 December 2023
Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking
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Open until 5 December 2023

Welcome to

5th Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking 2023

Ocean Plastic Forum is happy to invite you to the fifth online edition of the Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking (OPIM). This event promises:

  1. Insights from three keynote speakers who will outline the latest developments within ocean plastic legislation, prevention strategies, recycling advancements, and available funding opportunities.

  2. The opportunity to schedule online B2B meetings with various participating organizations spanning the entire ocean plastic supply and recycling chain – explore the website for interesting meeting partners.

  3. Access to our innovation track, where you'll hear from entities such as DESMI, renowned for collecting one of the largest quantities of ocean-bound plastic worldwide, SeaCleaners presenting their innovative MANTA project, the latest research findings on microplastics in the marine environment and financial assistance to technological solutions that actively contribute to one or more SDG14 targets.

Agenda for the event

10.00-14.00 CET: Matchmaking B2B meetings - invite and get invited

14.00 CET: Welcome by Ocean Plastic Forum, CLEAN & International Cleantech Network


14.15 CET: Coming changes to international legislation

Key challenges and reasons for having a legally binding UN plastic treaty/ Lars Fogh Mortensen, Expert in Circular Economy and Plastic, and part of the EU delegation to the UN plastic negotiations.

14.40 CET: The largest ocean cleanup in history
The Ocean Cleanup is a frontrunner, having tackled plastic pollution in the ocean since 2013, having successfully reduced the size of the Pacific Ocean garbage patch as well as taking steps in the Indian Ocean/ Tatjana Scroggie, Head of Supply Chain, Ocean Cleanup.

15.05 CET: Upcoming funding and investment opportunities
Introduction from Innovayt to international funding, grants and investments within ocean plastic prevention/ Luisa Marques, Senior Consultant, Sustainability and Circular Economy, Innovayt


15.45 CET: Matchmaking B2B Meetings & Innovation Track

Innovation TrackMatchmaking B2B Meetings - invite and get invited
15.45 CET: Desmi - collecting one of the largest quantities of ocean-bound plastic worldwide/ Maggie Lund, Vice-President DESMI Ro-Clean.

16.00 CET: Latest news from The SeaCleaners innovative MANTA-project/ Vanessa Georg, International Corporate Partnership Development Manager

16.15 CET: Funding opportunity of €4,000,000 for blue economy players. Audrey Caruana, Head of Start-up Support, Malta Enterprise

16.30 CET: Latest findings on microplastic in the marine environment/ Jes Vollertsen, Professor, PhD in Aalborg University

15.45 – 18.00 CET: Matchmaking

Invite and get invited (remember to add name and describe your company/organization!)

Before and after the keynote speakers, you will be able to prebook online meetings with other participating organisations across the whole ocean plastic supply and recycling chain. The B2B meetings last up to 20 minutes and you have the possibility to meet with as many companies & organisations as you can fit in the day. 

OPIM is global but the official language of the main program will be in English, with start time being 14:00 CET.

Price: Euro 25 + VAT(OPIM is organized by nonprofit organizations and the participation fee is solely dedicated to covering technical assistance and necessary software licenses required for the event)


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Participants 68
Meetings 27
Denmark 24
Norway 7
United Kingdom 5
United States 5
France 4
Spain 4
Germany 4
India 3
Portugal 2
Singapore 2
Indonesia 2
Poland 2
Sweden 2
Netherlands 2
Canada 1
Brazil 1
Switzerland 1
Slovenia 1
Finland 1
Türkiye 1
Thailand 1
South Africa 1
Malta 1
Austria 1
Total 78
Startup 20
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Large Company 2
University / R&D Institution 10
Association/Agency 9
Authority/Government 1
Investor 1
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